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 Here to Help: Reviews

361 - Nursing Bra

“Loved the fit as soon as I put it on – definitely the most comfortable bra I own – thank you" WT1000

 "I'm expecting a baby in a few weeks time and regular bras were starting to get very uncomfortable. I purchased these and they have been excellent. They fit very well and are really comfortable. I will be buying some more!" From Figleaves.com

 "I think these are excellent value and incredibly comfortable especially in comparison to the other non-wired maternity bras I have. It is the perfect bra to sleep in if you want some extra support overnight and it is what I put in as soon as I get through the door in the evening. I haven’t had my baby yet and so can’t comment on the ease of breastfeeding but the clip / unclip seems very easy to use. Overall fantastic comfort and value and what can be an uncomfortable and expensive time!" From Figleaves.com

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"I’m 6 months pregnant & found this bra really comfortable. Plenty of room to expand, but still supportive. Good value too." From Figleaves.com

"Brilliant that it goes from sizes B to F. Genius!" From a Wear Tester report

 "Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!!!! I just wish I'd known about it a year ago. Definitely the best nursing/maternity bra I have ever worn. Definitely recommend it to everyone I know. 10 out of 10." From a Wear Tester report

 "Every pregnant woman or breastfeeding mum needs a wardrobe staple when it comes to underwear and the Emma-Jane Next Generation Seamfree nursing bra might just be the one. True to form, Emma-Jane has designed a price-conscious garment that rolls comfort, support and value into one, making it a real contender to more expensive seamfree bras on the market." Leading parenting site Madeformums.com.
 “This bra is great value & due to its great shape & fit it's really comfortable. I have been wearing this bra for the last month of my pregnancy both day and night and I'm sure I'll still be using it for the next 6 months for feeding.” Babyworld review

 “The Emma-Jane 361 nursing bra is a pleasure to wear day and night! It is seamfree and stretchy so very comfortable and discrete under clothing. Overall I found it to be a quality garment at a great price.” Babyworld review

 “Love this bra. Being that the cup size covers from B-F it's great to wear straight after birth as milk supply settles as your size can vary hugely during this time! The ruched center works well and adds nice detail and the knitted underband is very comfortable. It's a great bra in my opinion!” Babyworld review

"I find this bra very comfortable for both day and nightwear. I'm normally a D cup and it fits me well and the price makes it all even better!" JJ

"This bra was perfect when I first started feeding. It's comfy to wear day and night and adapted to my changing breast size as everything settled down. I was 36 E at 38 weeks when I had my baby and am much bigger than that now but the bra has worked well for that" JoJo Maman 14 Jan 2013.

"This is by far the best I’ve tried. Extremely comfortable and has kept its shape and support so well. I’m still wearing it and my daughter is 5 months old. An ordering two more ready for my next pregnancy as they are brilliant and great value for money, have recommended loads." NCT 23 Aug 2013

"These bras are sooooocomfy.. I’ve gone around and bought so many.. But these are the perfect ones.. So comfy and lightweight!" Amazon 18 Nov 2013

"After looking for a good nursing bra, I found it in Amazon. I tried other sites and at Mothercare shop but they are so expensive and at the moment I need to save money for my little one. It was an amazing purchase and I will buy more, at least two and you also can sleep with them. Thank you Emma Jane and Amazon." Amazon 28 Dec 2013

362 - Maternity / Nursing Bra

"Washes great at eco level. Nice fit across back . I love the feel against the skin and the stretch allows adjustment and fit for my size – support is good. Great for night-time feeding, easy to operate and fit for purpose". WT Jenna McCarron


365 - Sleep / Nursing Bra

Very comfortable bra, like the removable pads as well - great for breastfeeding and even just as a comfy bra! JJ

Fit under the bust was comfortable and liked the adjustable back. The material was nice and soft WT1045

OMG!!this is the nursing bra i had been searching for for months!!. i had bought and tried and tested so many! but never Emma Jane. the second i tried this bra on i knew instantly this was it. i love the removable breast pads and the fit and style! i love that the bra will grow with your growing size. i bought this bra in skin (which I was happy to find in my size as it was sold out everywhere!) and black now I will have to buy white too! Also, a very good result after washing them - still as good as new. Would defo recommend" Figleaves 1 Nov 2013

Fantastic and easily washable. Very comfy, fits well and very light to wear – keeps it’s shape. An excellent comfy nursing bra – I would highly recommend. WT 1445



411 - Nursing Bra

"I have bought many different maternity bras but this bra is the best I have worn. I would recommend this bra - please give it a try." F

"Soft smooth feels like second skin and offers great support - best maternity bra I ever bought!" F        

"These bras are brilliant. I wore them all through my pregnancy and they were so  comfortable. Now I'm breastfeeding I've bought a bigger cup size (E cup) and the fit is great.They give really good support and shape. The clips are easy to use one handed and they fabric is really soft against your skin. I would definitely recommend them to anyone. They are brilliant value for money." F      

“Very comfortable padding, especially around the side of bust. Comfortable yet supportive” WT606

“It fits me really well. The fabric is very soft and stretchy so it may fit any breast well. Plus the extra padding gives a boost and covers most of the breast at the time of feeding” WT609

“The fabric felt very soft against my skin, and fitted well at the back. Support was very good also” WT610

“Perfect fit. Material very smooth against skin – no seams and a lovely soft feel to the material. I loved this bra! It was just so comfortable and gave good support” WT611

“I ordered 2 of this bra. I'm now back ordering 2 more. The fit is amazing and I now feel supported and comfortable. I plan to feed my son for a while yet and I can in comfort! Thank you" F

“At long last a nursing bra that is comfortable and affordable! Comfort is so important when nursing and thank goodness I had read other reviews on this bra!" F

"The material is wonderful and smooth. It also dried very quickly – a big bonus! The stretchy material makes clipping up the bra after feeding very easy" WT780

"A good quality bra with lovely material. I loved the style of it; it looks like a reguae bra and not a feeding bra which is a bonus. It is very easy to open and close, I had no problems with doing it one handed while holding baby. It is so comfortable to wear, in fact I am still wearing it and am no longer breast feeding! This really helps make breast feeding easier, it is easy to use and very comfortable. Overall, an invaluable product that is excellent for feeding! Sharon Brady" – Baby Daisy 7 Weeks

"This is quite a simple yet functional looking bra. I liked the style and found it really comfortable to wear, it’s also very easy to open and it doesn’t get in the way when getting baby into position. This makes it easier to be discreet when feeding in public. It doesn’t look like a nursing bra but it is more comfortable rather than stylish. After testing the product I will continue to use it and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend! A good bra that makes feeding easier!" Fran Heald – Baby Orla 11 Weeks

"Was pleased to try this as know the name well and purchased these previously. A good fitting quality bra made of lovely material. Fits well and looks like like your normal lingerie. The fastenings make it very easy to feed baby and very comfortable to wear. Certainly made breast feeding easy and just so comfy to wear. Good value for money and will probably still wear after I have stopped feeding for a while. When you find a good quality product like this you keep going back for more. Have already recommended". Diane Collins - Lucy 6 Weeks.

I've bought this in black and white as it's the most comfortable and reasonably priced nursing bra I've come across. It's very easy to unclip to nurse discreetly and also comfy to sleep in. JJ



428 - Nursing Bra

"I am thrilled to finally have found a good bra. I would recommend this bra to all nursing mothers." F

"A well-sized, well fitting bra, which looks pretty good too. Offers pretty firm support. fantastic!" F

"This bra is extremely comfortable and supportive, even on heavy milk days and works well with disposable and washable breast pads. I strongly recommend it." F

“I washed it countless times, and it is still supportive and fits well. It’s by far my favourite nursing bra” WT605

"I had 3 or 4 nursing bras. But this one was the best! Handy and lovely. And not too boring as a majority of them." F

"This is my first purchase - it is so difficult to find right shape .....Great bra! I am 38F and I love it! Good support." F

"Compared to all the other nursing bras I tried this one is clearly superior.on the box it says this bra won four pregnancy magazine awards as a best buy and I think it is totally deserved! Highly recommended buy." F

"Great to get a cotton bra that gives good shape. Doesn't look as dowdy as other maternity bras. Cup size is perfect " F

The Emma-Jane Nursing Bra 428 is a brilliant basic for breastfeeding mothers. Not only is it incredibly easy to release and do up the cups, it offers fantastic support and is ultra-comfy to boot!

I am a 38F and most other bras are so high cut that I cant wear ANY of my V neck or round neck shirts, but this bra is not only comfortable but I can wear almost all of my clothes - it also gives me a GREAT cleavage! Love it - have just ordered 2 more!" F

"I love this Bra! I wear the size 32E (32DDD/F) and it provides great support without underwires that can irritate breasts when nursing. Some of my nursing bras fit better when I'm full of milk and others fit better after a feeding, but this one manages well either way! It isn't as fancy as some, but is still pretty. It's sometimes a toss up for me whether to order a 32 or a 34 and this 32 band is just right. It has been very durable; I used it a year nursing my first child and am now using it while nursing my new twins. It's still holding up great!"


505 - Maternity Full Briefs

“Very comfortable – Did not expect them to fit as nice as they did". WT986

"This knickers are very comfortable and give a nice smooth finish and don’t cut into you." F



541 - Maternity Leggings

"No deterioration after washing. Elasticity made them comfortable and fit well over bump." WT 1451

"Most comfy and well-fitting maternity leggings I have worn." WT 1456

"Kept shape and didn’t shrink – very comfortable and fitted nicely over my growing bump. I think they fit and look very good for the retail price." WT 1458

"Washes very well and feels like new. Never felt comfort like them and can see myself spending the ret of my pregnancy in them." WT 1459


554 - Maternity Tights

"Stayed lovely and soft even after washing – incredibly comfy" WT1029

Just what I wanted! – Bríd

Really good fit and a great price. – Kirsten

700 - Maternity Support Belt

“It washed well and didn’t discolour. I found the fit great and it was very comfortable to wear over and under clothing. I would buy this belt as it really relieved my SPD pain. It lifted my bump and eased the pressure on my back. I will continue wearing it for the duration of my pregnancy”. WT1123

"Washed well and didn’t discolour – still felt tight and adjustability was great. It was very comfortable and supportive. It seems to have lifted my bump and therefore eased pressure and pain on back. I would have bought this as it relieved my SPD, just wish I had found it earlier". WT1417

821 - Nursing Top

"I was looking for something that kept me cool and easy for breastfeeding, so these were the answer! I love the fact that when you unclip the strap you are still left with a support around the breast. I wore them in hospital and 6 months later I am still wearing them. I have one in every colour and they still look like new.  I just love them!" F

"I can't recommend highly enough - great purchase, great value!" F

“It came up really well in the wash, and still had support. It was a great fit, and very supportive – lovely to wear. I thought it was a great nursing top, lovely colour and fit” WT616

“Washed and dried well – kept shape and didn’t need ironing. Suitable for tumble drying too, which is always a bonus. It gave support at night, and was comfortable to wear” WT688

"I bought one of these after having my daughter, I never discovered the joy that was the nursing vest after having my son now I couldn't go back.
They make feeding in public so much easier, you can breastfeed confidently and can do it with out baring your tummy, I wear them under every outfit but in summer they look fine on their own. This item is PERFECT!" F

"This is my best purchase since breastfeeding. For a smaller person (I'm 34C) it is supportive enough to be worn instead of a bra and means you're always covered when feeding. The fabric is soft and comfortable, it can be worn with breastpads and is easy to unclip." F

"I bought 3 of these based on the reviews and I'm now back to buy more. They are brilliant, I don't bother with a bra underneath - there's no need, there is hidden support. I've been wearing these constantly since giving birth" F


822 - Nursing Top

“It washed really well and was very comfortable to wear at night" WT1021


Maternity Nightdress 874/875

Washed well, excellent length and fit and the material was really good quality WT 1489
Good fit and room for growth. It was very comfortable and my favourite nightwear WT 1484



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